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Tel. +39 091.68512461


Average price per person on sail yacht

10% discount from the second week (consecutive)
Price list may vary according to destination and port of departure


Prices average quoted per person, are for the whole week starting on Saturday. Included with the rental boat, skipper, set of boarding*, insurance and tender.

​From 31/12 to 28/04                                  €420/week


From 05/05 to 26/05                                 €460/week


From 02/06 to 23/06                                 €570/week


From 30/06 to 21/07                                 €660/week


From 28/07 to 18/08                                 €730/week


From 25/08 to 15/09                                 €660/week


From 22/09 to 06/10                                 €520/week

From 13/10 to 24/11                                 €420/week




For the full week: check in only on saturday from 4.00pm. Check out on saturday at 9.00am.

Check in on saturday from 4.00pm. Check out on saturday at 9.00am.


Price list above refers to a "full yacht" with full cabins on monohull, sail yacht (for motor or catamarans, prices will be quoted accordingly).

Price list above refers to a "full yacht" with 6 guests on board at least on a 3 cabins yacht. The prices, for cabin charters, will be raised by 20% for each empty space in cabin. In addition departure between two different weeks (NOT from saturday to saturday) will have an additional cost of 20% on the daily price.

A different quote will be provided for couples on exclusive cruise on one yacht. Cost for bareboat is approximatelly €150 (per person/week) lower than price list above.


Extra costs on request: Hostess from €100 per day, CoSkipper from €100 per day,  extra cost for departures outside Sicily from €150 to €250, outboard motor €120 per week, gas cylinder €20, bed linen €15 per set, navigation set €25 per set (up to 6 people), gennaker €150 per week, kids protection net (mandatory in the case of kids under 12yo) €130 per week, WiFi €50 (3Gb) or €80 (5Gb) per week, dinner on board (full service) €25 per person, lunch on board (full service) €15 per person.


*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, 12 bottles of water). 


Price list above do not include: the galley food, fuel, taxes for marinas, transfer expenses either up to the port of departure, nor the internal transfers when on the place of destination. You will be able to ask, in any case, for suggestions to reach the port of departure and internal transfers to the Sailor One advisor. Average costs for galley plus fuel and taxes for marinas may vary from €100 up to €160 per week (per person).


Rental contract will include a deposit against risk of damage to the yacht. Deposit (100%) will be refunded at date of check out. Amount of deposit may change according to the yacht model and ship owner. In some cases is possible to pay and insurance on deposit equal to 8% of the rental cost for the yacht so that no full deposit is due at base of departure for your cruise.

An insurance on cancellation is also available depending on ship-owners. You will be informad on availability on cruise quotation.


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